GMO Maca Is Here…?!?

Matthew Monarch
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I’m just dumbfounded by what seems to be going on here! 

As we were planning to leave for the Galapagos Islands, I received this disturbing photo below!  We are currently drying our Organic Fresh Maca, farmed on clean land with spring water, as it’s harvesting season now.  A Peruvian farmer tried to sell us the Maca seen in this picture below!  (Keep reading…)

Wild Fresh Organic Maca like we use for our products is generally just a couple of inches wide, not a couple of feet! 

Due to the new demand and limited supply of Maca since China started buying up all the Maca, as revealed in the article I wrote here, we are suddenly now seeing abnormally boosted crops.  These farmers are pumping their Maca with ridiculous amounts of harmful pesticides, weird fertilizers and who know what else!  Unless you buy Fresh Organic Maca in the field from a reputable source and process it yourself, the chances are currently extremely high that you are eating poisons labelled as organic… 

You have my word that the Maca we sell and always intend to sell is the same fresh, clean, truly organic, non-GMO Maca that we’ve always sold.  The Peruvians have classed Maca into three grades now.  Since China started buying up all the Maca, all Maca superfood retailers have been scraping around for whatever Maca they can get.  The Chinese are paying more than triple spot price for what is now called “Superior Maca”.  We have always and will only continue to use this grade of Maca.  However, other buyers from the US buy powder made from Maca rejects, tiny Maca roots ranging from the size of a small raisin to a quarter, or premature, unripe Maca that has purposefully been picked too early at ridiculously high prices.  Therefore, when a consumer generally buys Maca Powder at the moment, they are buying these nutrient-deficient, immature Maca roots and not the superior grade.  However, with this latest twist in the Maca madness story, now consumers are also at risk of purchasing “Organic” Maca Powder made from Maca that is bigger than the size of a basketball and is pumped with all sorts of poisons!

I know of well-trusted online raw organic superfood stores buying Maca from these types of farmers and many of them don’t even realize it. 

They don’t actually go to the farms themselves, but are relying on the middlemen to get them their goods.  These Maca middlemen tell the superfood online retailers exactly what they want to hear about how “perfect” and “organic” their Maca is and then the retailers pass that false information on to their customers.  In most cases, these Maca retailers just feel a sigh of relief, because they actually have some Maca to sell during this Maca drought.  I feel like I’m stuck in the midst of this whole mess.  I’ll have a well-known online superfoods retailer come to me for Maca and then they go to five other guys to shop for the best price.  It’s what they do.  I guarantee that 95% of the Maca retailers don’t buy Organic Fresh Maca in the field and process it themselves like we do!

When I originally wrote my “China Took All of The Maca” article, we could see all of this coming.  I’m sure that you’ve witnessed the major price increase in Maca Powder since then, over the last 6 months.  We are actually single-handedly keeping the retail price of Maca down right now by selling it at a very low mark-up, or you would see the pricing everywhere jump even more.  I challenge you to go to any of our “trusted” competitors right now and you’ll see 16 ounces of Maca Powder going for anywhere from $35.95 – $41.97!

In the future, it’s going to be extremely difficult for other companies to get truly Organic Non-GMO Maca. 

Chinese merchants are still scouring through all of the Peruvian Maca farms and buying up all the Maca they can, with cash in hand at ridiculously high prices and smuggling it all out of the country, which has skyrocketed the price of Maca 10Xs.  It is rumored that China has 7 GMO Patents for Maca and is now growing 5 times more Maca than Peru!  I have not been able to verify this, but where there is smoke there is fire, and this is alarming to say the least.  It seems we can expect future genetic Maca mutation, more chemical fertilizer use and so on.

The male/female sexual enhancement global industry is huge and when the first GMO patents for Maca appeared, we all knew it was only a matter of time until our regular Maca Superfood would become like goldWell, we’re almost there…

China has already bought fields in Peru to grow Maca. 

In the future it’s very likely that 95% of all Maca will no longer be authentic and even right now most companies don’t even know what kind of Maca they are actually buying. 

As long as we are selling Maca, then I guarantee it is authentic.  We are doing everything in our power to keep an ongoing stream of authentic Maca available indefinitely.  We will never sell in-authentic Maca.

Although we can’t do a crazy price on Maca like in the old days right now due to the high cost and our extremely low mark-up, we are offering Maca at an incredible discount while supplies last, which won’t be long.  Compared to our competitors’ $35.97 – $41.97 per pound pricing, with an unknown quality of Maca, our $19.95 – $21.95 authentic Maca deal today is a steal!  I’m pretty certain this is the last time you’ll see Maca Powder at this kind of price, especially 100% authentic Maca Powder. 

I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be able to stay under $30 for 16oz of Maca, considering the fact that 99% of companies are paying $45 a kilo for Maca Powder made from Maca rejects

This pricing does not even include the bag, label, or the high shipping and import costs from Peru.  Remember that some people are buying Chinese bulk too, which has been diluted with maltodextrin and other nasty junk.  They even sell one type of “Maca” in Peru, which is 30% Maca and the rest is wheat flour and barley flour!  It’s a local drink, but some people are buying that as “Maca Powder” and reselling it as such. Chris Kilham – the “Medicine Hunter” – who has been around the Maca industry for a couple of decades, verifies all that I am sharing today in his video HERE, which was filmed recently in the Peruvian Andes.

We bagged and labelled 4000 pounds of Maca for our friends at Living Nutritionals and they now only want 2000 pounds.  Therefore, the Maca that we are offering you today is actually our Maca, just with the Living Nutritionals label on it.  I thought that I would offer it to you for an amazing deal, rather than pay the extra expense to relabel it all.

So, today we are offering 100% Authentic Maca Powder, 16oz for $21.95 or $19.95 per bag if you get 3 or more!

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