THIS is How to Get Pedestrians to Obey Traffic Lights…!

Jamie Spector
THIS is How to Get Pedestrians to Obey Traffic Lights…!
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How often do you ignore the little red man who tells you it is not time to cross the street?  How often do you run out, dodging cars, to make it across just in time?  This can be so dangerous and yet happens so often.  These new dancing stoplights, presented in real-time, helped drastically reduce the number of pedestrians who ignore the little red man.

It seems like waiting at traffic lights is pretty painful for many people.  Perhaps they are in a rush or are they just feel bored standing and waiting.  I know for me I do not like to wait at lights even when I don’t really have anywhere I am rushing to go.  What is interesting about this is that they found that when using the dancing little man, there was an 81% difference in how many people obeyed the traffic laws.  Is it that since we are entertained we don’t mind waiting?  It seems that many people may not be in as much of a rush as they thought.  Instead, they are just bored waiting there.  Very interesting!

About:  This video was originally seen on the “Smart” YouTube channelSmart is a car company that makes about the smallest car you have ever seen.  It is really quite adorable actually.  They even have a model that is convertible.  Even cooler, Smart is now offering an electric vehicle. Gas and oil changes are not required! Pretty cool!

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