Fun Raw Chocolate Milk

Nadine Watters
Fun Raw Chocolate Milk
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Ooo ooo ooo!  There’s nothing like a nice tall glass of chocolate milk to remind you of the good-old-days.  I stopped drinking chocolate milk a long time ago because I could no longer stomach regular milk or sugar, but I never stopped  missing it.  I knew there had to be another way, and I have found it!  Now we can indulge in this creamy chocolaty goodness and celebrate the health benefits that come along with it!  The best part is, kids can’t even tell the difference between this and Hershey’s chocolate milk.

This recipe allows you to swap out some of the ingredients for others of your choice.  For instance, I use organic, raw, grass-fed, pasture-raised cow’s milk, but you can use almond, coconut, hemp, or brazil nut milk in substitute.  I found that fresh organic raw milk actually soothes my digestion as opposed to how regular store-bought milk actually upsets my stomach.

Depending on what my body craves, I’ll either have it with homemade nut milk or raw organic milk.  I always try to listen to what my body is telling me.  Also, this recipe uses raw honey, but you can swap it for Lakanto sweetener, stevia, dates, or even maple syrup.  I tend to prefer raw honey because my grandfather, a bee keeper in North Carolina, always sent us fresh, raw, delicious honey while we were growing up, so it stays close to my heart.

Get ready, because it will only take a minute to prepare!


  1. 2 cups organic raw milk or nut milk
  2. 2 T raw organic cacao powder
  3. 1 t raw honey or sweetener of choice
  4. a dash of sea salt
  5. 3 drops vanilla extract, or 1/4 t regular vanilla extract
  6. 1/2 cup warm water

Instructions on how to Assemble the Chocolate “Syrup”:

  • In a blender add the warm water, cacao powder, vanilla, salt, and honey.
  • Blend for 10 seconds or until the mixture is smooth and incorporated.


  • Pour your milk into a glass.
  • Slowly drizzle the chocolate “syrup” into the milk while stirring with a spoon.
  • Add as much or as little syrup as suits your tastes.  I  judge how chocolatey I want it by the color.
  • You can store the leftover syrup (if there is any) in the fridge for a few days.

Drink up and enjoy!!  🙂

About the ingredients:

  • Raw chocolate is a great superfood due to its array of vitamins and minerals.  I know I crave it for its high levels of magnesium, but it is also rich in anti-oxidants, iron, and theobromine.  Cacao has also shown to support healthy circulation, digestion, and brain function, all the while providing you with a sense of well being (1).  Now, even though cacao has many benefits, some people are sensitive to its naturally stimulating properties.
  • Organic raw grass-fed milk is a complete whole food containing all eight essential amino acids, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria (4).  I have a great organic farm nearby that practices friendly farming and sells clean, fresh, nutrient-dense, and organic products.  (Note: I am not talking about pasteurized milk that comes from factory farming.  I do not recommend consuming that kind of milk for various reasons.  Check out why (3) here.)
  • Raw honey is also packed with enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, and offers anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties (4).  I know from experience that raw honey has helped my digestion, and also doubles as a great as a facial mask or cleanser.  I also think it’s important to support bee farmers to help keep our bee population going strong.

choc milk 2

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