Former Meat-Eating Celebrity Chef Says He Feels Better on a Plant-Based Eating Lifestyle

Heather Suhr
Former Meat-Eating Celebrity Chef Says He Feels Better on a Plant-Based Eating Lifestyle
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There are very few food television shows that exemplify a vegan lifestyle. Vegans may have been guest chefs on occasional episodes or participants in a competition, but we haven’t seen anyone that takes over national television. Well, at least I haven’t.

The good news is that there are some successful celebrity chefs that are changing. It may not be much, but a few are recognizing the importance of a healthy plant-based eating lifestyle. One of those mainstream chefs in the typical food industry is Danny Boome. (1)

A celebrity chef gives up meat to follow a plant-based lifestyle.

Danny Boome is a skillful chef and a TV personality raised in England. While growing up, he discovered his passion for cooking and then traveled to different parts of the world to acquire his cooking skills. He first appeared on the Food Network with his own series called the Rescue Chef and now hosts a new show called Good Food America. (2,3)

With Good Food America he also travels the country to search for healthy restaurants that are organic and sustainable. What this job entails is quite similar to the versions of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, but much classier, greener, and with an English accent! (5)

Before Boome began filming for Good Food America, he was following a Paleo diet and ate meat up to 3 to 4 times daily. During his travels, and getting to know some of the healthiest and must sustainable culinary operations, he was inspired to make the change into a plant-based lifestyle. (5)

The transition

In the interview with MindBodyGreen, Boome explains how he made the transition. Basically, he followed the Paleo diet because it was already clean eating and complemented his CrossFit lifestyle and work schedule. He wanted to ensure enough protein intake. However, during his latest project with Good Morning America, he came across a few health-conscious, vegetarian and vegan people and was inspired. This began his road to eat much cleaner. (5)

Fortunately for Boome, his traveling crew is mostly vegan – 7 out of the 10 – so he has the support he needs to maintain that lifestyle on the road. The change was for the better as he says, “I felt lighter and had more energy and I also haven’t been as seasonally ill, nor does my arthritis bother me anymore. I lost 20 pounds in five months by switching diets. It’s the first food journey I’ve actually lost weight on!” (5)

Boome is now influencing his family and friends and becoming an inspiration to the food world. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to see cooking shows on national television that are more geared towards a plant-based lifestyle!

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