High fish consumption associated with lower risk of depression!

Lynn Griffith
High fish consumption associated with lower risk of depression!
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Major depressive disorder affects nearly 14.8 million American adults! (1)  Depression is characterized by a loss of interest in activities that a person may have enjoyed, low energy, and a persistent feeling of loss or sadness.  If you experience mild or moderate depression, studies are showing that there are lifestyle factors such as diet and nutrition that can help.

Studies show that fish oil supplements can help ease these symptoms and suggest that fish oil supplements may be beneficial for those suffering from mild to moderate depression.  Those who suffer from depression often have low blood levels of brain chemicals, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).   These two chemicals are found in a good fish oil supplement!(2)

Studies have shown that those who suffer from depression have low blood levels of EPA and DHA found in fish oil!

A recent European study found that those who consumed a lot of fish experienced a curb in risk of depression.  The association between a diet high in fish and mental health is equally significant among both women and men. (3)

The research team examined data from 2001 to 2014 in order assess the link between fish consumption and risk of depression.   They found 16 articles that included 26 studies and involved 150,278 participants. (3)

Large observational study involving over 150,000 participants shows a link between fish consumption and risk of depression!

After examining the data, the team found a significant association between those who consumed the most fish, and a 17 percent reduction in depression risk.  When examining men, this reduction increased to 20 percent, and in women, the associated reduction was 16 percent. (3)

Study showed that both men and women experienced a significant reduction risk of depression linked to a high fish diet

If you suffer from depression or have a family history of depression, consuming a healthy diet complete in all vitamins and minerals is the best line of defense.  Consider adding fish as a dietary staple, or taking a high quality fish oil supplement.  If you suffer from depression, seek out a qualified therapist who can help identify triggers and risk factors in your routine.   Remember that depression is nothing to be ashamed of, most people can identify season in their life where they would say that they have felt depression.

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