Encouragement to BE Your Beautiful Self!

Nadine Watters
Encouragement to BE Your Beautiful Self!
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I’m not sure what she is saying these days but years ago I remember Oprah said she never left home without at least applying lipstick. In the past I always wore makeup and wanted to look like I at least “tried” to “look good” before I left the house. These days I rarely put the stuff on, but if I do for some reason, I usually forget and mess it up by actually touching my face or eyes afterwards resulting in raccoon eyes or worse!

If you’re a woman with a face, and live on Earth, I promise you will be weeping with understanding halfway through this video and if you’re anything like me, crying like a baby by the end.

About: The backstory of this song and video is important and is found here. Colbie Caillat is a Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter who was sick and tired of how fake and unfair the the beauty ideals of the world and the music industry are. She was being asked to write songs about things that she didn’t believe in and ‘be’ a person other than who she knows she is inside. “Try” is a response to all that.

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