Dragon’s Blood shown to provide relief and healing for those who suffer from chronic and acute pain

Lynn Griffith
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It is reported that 100 million American’s suffer from chronic pain each year. (1)  Pain can be acute or chronic, time limited or without limitation, but either way, many people report feelings of depression associated with pain. (2, 3)

Doctor reports that no other substance works like Dragon’s Blood

The sap from the Croton Lechleri tree that grows in the Amazon has been found to reduce and alleviate acute and chronic pain.  Dr. John Wallace, of the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine, researched the effects of Dragon’s Blood on pain.  Wallace reports, “Not only does Sangre de Grado prevent pain sensation, it also blocks the tissue response to a chemical released by nerves that promotes inflammation. There is currently no other substance that we know of that shares these same activities.” (4)

In laboratory tests, it was shown that Dragon’s blood blocks the activation of nerve fibers that signal pain to the brain and this allows Dragon’s Blood to function as a broad acting pain killer.  (4)

Dragon’s Blood relieves pain, itching and swelling associated with bites and stings within 90 seconds

In another clinical trial, pest control workers in Louisiana used a balm made from Dragon’s Blood and found relief from bites and stings within 90 seconds.  The study reported that pain relief and symptoms of itching and swelling were alleviated for up to six hours.  (4)

People also receive relief from pain associated with gastritis, ulcer disease, and infectious diarrhea.  Wallace reports, “We find that in animals with these conditions, the sap promotes gastrointestinal healing.”  (4)

Dragon’s Blood provides pain relief associated with asthma, arthritis and ulcerative colitis

Wallace reported that the antibacterial and first aid benefits served for topical healing and pain relief.   Due to anti-inflammatory benefits, Dragon’s Blood also relieves pain associated with asthma, arthritis and ulcerative colitis.  (4)

A study published in the Journal of Pharmacological Sciences, showed that Dragon’s Blood was a promising potent agent for chronic pain treatment.  This study reports that the component cochinchinenin B found in Dragon’s blood may contribute to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.  (5)

Several health practitioners in the United States report using the resin internally helped treat diabetic neuropathy due to it’s documented effects on nerve endings, nerve pain and nerve inflammation. (6)

Whether you suffer from acute or chronic pain, it appears that Dragon’s Blood may help provide long term healing and pain relief to allow you regain the life you had before pain.

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