Daddy’s Home…and Someone is Happy to See Him!

Jamie Spector
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Imagine a father’s happiness when, after a long day at work, he comes home to see his baby jumping with excitement to see him. For any father, it must be incredible to see such enthusiasm from his child. This lucky dad sure knows what that feels like!

It is impressive how babies are able to recognize the faces of people that they see regularly. Some researchers believe newborns can recognize their mothers almost immediately after birth, primarily due to voice recognition. Other studies have shown that by 6 months of age, babies are able to recognize a picture of their mother when shown pictures of a variety of people. (1)

Vision develops significantly between a baby’s first and second birthday.  By the time a child is 2, his vision will be almost perfect, around 20/60. For those children with normal vision, it will take until they are 8 years old to have 20/20 vision. (1)

It is pretty interesting that you begin to see and recognize faces and objects so early in life, but that vision is not fully developed until the age of 8. The little boy in this video quite clearly is able to recognize his daddy’s face – and boy is he excited to see him!

About:  This video was originally seen on Keli Vandergrift YouTube channel.

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