Florida woman heals her brain tumors by making healthier changes in diet

Nadine Watters
Florida woman heals her brain tumors by making healthier changes in diet
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When Bonnie Lovett had a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit removed, she was thankful that she was able to regain the motor skills she had been losing. Lovett was experiencing blurred vision and was unable to write. Her and her husband knew that more would have to be done beyond the surgery. In fact, two months after her surgery, she two more tumors emerged.(1)

Lovett would have to make significant lifestyle changes, and she was prepared to do whatever it took.

The West Palm Beach, Florida couple was able to reach out to Brian Clement, director of the Hippocrates Health Institute. Clement focused on making dietary changes, honing in on elimination of sugar, flour, fruits, dairy, and meats, fish and chicken. Instead, he suggested that Lovett immediately incorporate healthier items such as only raw foods, wheatgrass, sprouts and water with lemon in her diet.(1)

New dietary and lifestyle habits to realize better health

While Lovett admits that she “…slowly started to slack off by not juicing every day” and eating the wrong types of foods more often, she explains that she eventually got herself on track. In light of the diagnoses of the additional tumors after her first procedure, she was determined to become healthy and not face radiation. “I know what the effects of radiation would bring – and I know that I would have a malignant tumor five to twenty-five years later somewhere else in my body,” she says. Her and her husband Stuart were wholeheartedly ready to embrace alternative options.(1)

In addition to juicing, enjoying plenty of green juices and a variety of raw food, and avoiding meats and sugars, Lovett also began growing her own foods. Additionally, she regularly visited an acupuncturist and turned to Chinese herbs.

The result?

No more tumors: “I had made it through”

Lovett says she began feeling so much better, it was as if “I did not feel the need for radiation.” It turns out, her thoughts were correct. After her neurosurgeon gave her MRIs with contract, nothing showed up. “I got my wish…the finding showed no more tumors, no blood clots, no more hemorrhaging. All the doctors could say was that I did not need radiation.” Lovett enjoys telling of how, during her three-month checkup, she had another MRI. “The white matter disease was gone. I had made it through.”(1)

Dr. Clement, who was once obese during childhood and went on to lose over 100 pounds due to changes in his diet, says that eating the right foods is critical to health. “The one thing that we universally have to agree with, even the most conservative people I know on the subject of nutrition and healthcare, is that low caloric intake and high density nutrients prolong your life,” he says. “So, our first job is to get rid of the meats and the dairy food and the junk food, and the fast food and the chemicalized food and the pesticides, but once you’re beyond that, then we’ve got to control our emotions so that we’re eating less of those foods.”(2,3)

The need to remain leery of Big Pharma

Clement tells other stories about those who have reversed their illnesses thru a better diet, rather than destroying their health with the often faulty promise of pills and procedures. He’s also adamant that the pharmaceutical industry must be watched with a mindful eye, warning of their shams and the unfortunate situations that occur when people taking their drugs learn — several years after they’ve been taking certain medications — that the drug was found have harmful, even fatal consequences.(3)

Interestingly, while the Mayo Clinic does of course advise working with a doctor to best determine a course of action to treat brain tumors, they do note that alternative treatments may be explored. They suggest meditation, acupuncture, relaxation exercises and music therapy as possible ways to improve health.(4)

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