Correct Adrenal Fatigue Naturally Without Extreme Diets or Surgery

Heather Suhr
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The organs located right above our kidneys are the adrenal glands, and they are responsible for producing catecholamines, aldosterone, cortisol, and androgen hormones. All four of these hormones help us deal with everyday stress related to situations, digestion, blood pressure regulation, and such. (1)

People with poor functioning (too overactive) of the adrenal glands tend to gain weight, but the good news is that it can be reversed without any extreme diets or even risky surgeries.

Adrenal glands must be kept in sync to function properly

The main myth is that the adrenals get fatigued, burned out, or collapsed. What is really happening is that the delicate system has been thrown out of sync. The adrenals need to work together with other glands that control energy and metabolism and when we are healthy, they will function properly to meet our needs. This is misunderstood as adrenal fatigue because there is no scientific claim that the adrenals are ever unable to make enough cortisol. (2)

There have been over 930 studies in the last ten years to show that a person’s health is dependent upon the function of the adrenal rhythms. If this gland is out of sync, weight gain, fatigue, sickness, and shorter lifespan can occur. (2,3)

Get adequate sunlight

Adrenal stress is not the same as fatigue. Fatigue is due to low cortisol levels and if that was the case, then it could easily be fixed with pills or herbs.  But in most cases, health problems are not resolved this way. (1,2)

The problem is the rhythm cycle being disrupted, and the cure to re-syncing adrenal rhythm is to simply get enough sunlight. (4) The best way to do this is to get at least 30 minutes of sunlight exposure within an hour of awakening, and to limit artificial light exposure an hour or two before bed. (1,2)

It’s not hard to recover from adrenal stress

Adrenal stress can be easily correctable once the body’s system is back to the correct rhythm. In fact, during a clinical trial, Naturopath Dr. Alan Christianson, observed that changing diet alone can correct eating rhythms by over 50% in as little as one month! (1,2)

The bottom line is that lifestyle factors are tremendous influencers to regain control of the adrenal system. To ensure a healthy adrenal sync, eat a healthy diet, balance work shifts, avoid electromagnetic fields and environmental toxins, and get plenty of sleep. (2)

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