Canada makes history by mandating legalization of marijuana!

Lynn Griffith
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Marijuana is quickly becoming known for its health benefits.  Studies are showing promise regarding marijuana’s help in managing epileptic seizures, slowing down the progress of Alzheimer’s Disease, and preventing the spread of cancer. (1)

In the United States, we are entering our 78th year of marijuana prohibition.  Many states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes and a select few have legalized it for recreational use.  Outside of Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and District of Columbia, the result of marijuana possession and use without a prescription could result in jail time.(2)

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, makes headlines by campaigning on pro-marijuana and made further headlines when he won!

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, made headlines by campaigning on a pro-marijuana platform.  He caught further attention when he won running on the platform.  The question commonly asked by Canadians is: “When will marijuana be legalized in Canada?”(3)

Trudeau issued a letter giving mandates to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada.  Part of the mandate was to work with the Ministers of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and Health to create a process that leads to the legalization and regulation of marijuana.(3)

Trudeau issued mandates to create a process that leads to legalization and regulation of marijuana!

Many Canadians were extremely excited to hear that one of the first acts the Prime Minister did after taking the job was to work towards legalization of marijuana.(3)

Bernie Sanders supporters are hoping to see similar actions, though Sanders’ stance ends federal prohibition and leaves the legalization or criminalization of marijuana up to each state!

In the U.S., many Bernie Sanders supporters are hoping that they will see a similar action; however, Justin Trudeau’s mandate is more progressive than Sanders’ stance due to mandating regulation in addition to ending prohibition in the country.  Sanders’ plan would end prohibition on a federal level, but leave the law up to individual states to develop state law and policy.(3)

It may be awhile before the United States is free from marijuana prohibition, but observing other countries take progressive action on the plant may give the U.S. a vision for the process.  What would it look like for the U.S. to end marijuana prohibition and regulate the plant in a way that is safe for consumers?

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