Can spirulina and chlorella protect you from radiation…? You bet!

Heather Suhr
Can spirulina and chlorella protect you from radiation…? You bet!
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Unfortunately, we are exposed to many radiations that surround us on a daily basis and some have more radioactive energy than others. When radioactive contamination are released into the environment, it can cause air, water, soil, plants, buildings, people, or animals to become contaminated with radioactive materials inside of their bodies. (1)

The most common protection from radiation is to load up on potassium iodide and other sorts of iodine supplements. While that may be helpful, they do not protect the rest of your body from the effects of radiation. (2)

The good news is that spirulina and chlorella can optimize protection and detoxify your body from excessive exposure!

Spirulina helps protect and heals from radiation exposure.

There are countless of studies that have found spirulina not only have health-promoting benefits, but a remarkable protection against radiation. A 1989 study found that spirulina caused a significant reduction of the gamma radiation-induced micronucleus frequencies in the bone marrow of affected mice. (3)

In 1993 a study conducted on children being fed 5-gram doses of spirulina for 20 days after being affected by radiation experienced an average of a 50% reduction in urine radioactivity levels. (4) Then in 2001, another study discovered the spirulina effectively protects against damage caused by chemotherapy drugs and radiation exposure. (5)

In 2013, another study tells us that spirulina and other algae that contain high amounts of metallothionein compounds can strip the body of radioactive metals and protect against radiation damage. (6)

Spirulina offers amazing radio-protective benefits as these studies show, but also other health benefits such as boosting the immune function and normalizing the systems in the body to maintain overall health. (2)

Chlorella can also detoxify and protect from radiation.

Chlorella’s high levels of chlorophyll can protect the body from ultraviolet radiation, while removing radioactive particles from the body! According to one study, after a two-year study, the researchers observed glioma positive patients having fewer respiratory infections and flu-like illnesses when taking chlorella. (7)

Another study in 1989 found that chlorella increases production of bone marrow and spleen stem cells. Additionally, the tests shows that chlorella greatly improved survival rates among rats exposed to a lethal dose of radiation. (8) Also, in a 1995 study, researchers found that chlorella helps boost levels of colony-forming spleen cells, which exists within the bone marrow that is vital for the immune system and blood elements. (9)

Like spirulina, scientific studies supports chlorella in detoxifying the body from radiation, however, they are also health-promoting superfood that can detoxify other toxins such as mercury, aluminum, and fluoride. (2)

Spirulina and chlorella have other health-promoting benefits.

Together, they are essential weapons and are a powerful superfood that you should consider to include daily. When purchased in natural form, you can chew on them and they taste delicious! Or you can buy them in powder form to make a green drink or smoothie.

Having a green tongue would be a perfect Halloween scare or even a treat! Trick or Treat? Go spirulina or chlorella!

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