Best green veggie juices for your health – 7 recipes to try

Nadine Watters
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In Matt Monarch’s latest live hangout on February 10 (tune in every Tuesday at 8pm EST), he shared some incredibly healthy green juice recipes that support your health in multiple ways.

Although fruit juices are healthy and can provide essential vitamins, Matt says that vegetable juices are even more important.

“Vegetable juices are the way we nourish the body,” he said. “It’s where we get our nutrients.”

For maximum benefits, he recommends 16 oz. for each juice, two times a day.

“If you do that, you are flying,” Matt said.

According to Matt, the very best juices for health are as follows:

1. Carrot-spinach juice

Spinach-carrot juice provides tons of natural energy, and a great dose of fiber as well.

Spinach is famous for its cleansing, building and nourishing properties for the digestive tract, intestines and colon. It’s one of the most nutrient-rich vegetables you can find.

Additionally, the minerals in spinach are highly alkaline, helping the balance of pH in the body. Also, It supplies the same amount of protein as you would get from the same quantity of meat—a far healthier and much less expensive way to get protein! (1)

As for the carrots, they are loaded with beta-carotenes, an antioxidant that has powerful healing virtues for many diseases. They also have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which helps with conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, gout and other inflammations. (2)

2. Carrot-celery juice

This powerful juice combo gives you loads of vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium, all having tremendous healing properties.

Vitamin A is known to assist with bone development, eyesight, cell activity, and also helps govern your immune system. (3)

The vitamin C in carrot-celery juice helps with prevention of free radicals – contributing to fresh, healthy young-looking skin. (4)

Potassium helps the body by lowering stress hormones, which also reduces blood pressure. Studies have found that foods with rich amounts of potassium can effectively lower risk of stroke and hypertension. (5)

3. Carrot-celery-spinach-parsley juice

Matt said that this juicing combination has almost everything the body needs and is really good for rehabilitating people.

We’ve already discussed the benefits of carrots, celery and spinach, so what about parsley?

Well, this little herb, usually known as used for decorative effects on various platters, is actually a secret cancer-fighter!

It contains a flavonol called myricetin, which has been found to have chemo-preventive effects on skin cancer. It also has apigenin, a natural chemical that has been shown to decrease tumor size in a study conducted at the University of Missouri. (6)

4. Carrot-beet-cucumber juice

Matt says this combo is especially good for cleansing the liver (but to watch out because it can cause gas).

Cucumbers make a terrific base for your juices. They are loaded with B vitamins, which are great for energy, and contain 95% water – a superb method for hydrating your body and eliminating toxins. (7)

5. Carrot-dandelion-turnip greens juice

Matt said that for bone support and health, this is the absolute best juice combination.

“No supplement comes better than this – carrot, dandelion and the greens of turnips,” he said. “It doesn’t taste good but it’s totally worth it. It has more calcium than anything on the planet. 15% of the turnip greens are calcium.”

6. Lettuce-carrot juice

An excellent way to nourish your skin and hair is with this combination, according to Matt.

Dr. Norman Walker, who was one of the world’s leading nutritionists, said that lettuce contains more than 9% phosphorus and 8% silicon – and that this combination allows for excellent maintenance for skin, hair and nails. (8)

7. Carrot-Brussel sprouts–string bean juice

This is a superb juice combo for those with diabetes, Matt said. You can also add some watercress to the juice if you’d like.

The combination of the juice from Brussels sprouts and string beans improves the insulin-generating properties of the pancreatic beta cells, as well as having phytonutrient elements which supply the ingredients for the beta cells to produce natural insulin. This is very beneficial to both Type 2 diabetics and Type 1 diabetics. (9)

Now that you are armed with several juice combinations that can boost your health, go have some fun in the kitchen – mix them up, play around with the recipes – you can’t go wrong with fresh vegetable juicing!

You can watch a replay of Matt’s February 10th Live Hangout below.

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