Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream line will be made with almond milk!

Lynn Griffith
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The vegan lifestyle continues to grow as more vegan food options come onto the market.  Veganism in the United States has grown to 2.5 percent.  Being vegan does not mean that you can’t enjoy some of your favorite foods.(1)

Ben & Jerry’s releases vegan ice cream following 28,432 signatures on petition through Change.org!

Ben & Jerry’s is one step closer to releasing a vegan version of their popular chunky delicious pints!  The company announced in July 2015 that they would appease the 28,432 people who signed a petition on Change.org. (2)

Ben & Jerry’s is making no short cuts and assuring that every flavor of their new line will be 100 percent vegan, meaning it will include no animal products of any kind, no eggs, dairy or even honey!  The new Non-Dairy line of ice cream will be certified by Vegan Action! (3)

Company continues to develop flavors, but has released that their new vegan ice cream will be made with almond milk!

Many people wonder why it is taking so long for the company to release their vegan line, and the company’s response is that they want their products to be the best.  Ben & Jerry’s have released that the ice cream will be made with almond milk. (2)

“Besides being a favorite choice among vegans and other dairy-alternative-seekers, almond milk proved to be the best choice as an ice cream base, beating out soy milk, cashew milk and other contenders for our Flavor Gurus’ favor,” the company wrote in a statement. Flavor Guru and “Non-Dairy Queen” Kirsten Schimoler says, “Almond milk gave us the best blank canvas to carry the funky chunks and swirls that you know and love.” And of course, a portion of the almonds used will be fair-trade sourced. (2)

Company plans to use fair-trade sourced almonds for their new line of vegan ice creams!

The company is hoping that the new vegan line will hit the freezers sometime in 2016.  More information will continue to be released as the company continues to experiment and develop several vegan flavors! (2)

Tell us your favorite ice cream flavors that you would like to see Ben & Jerry’s go vegan with.  Who knows, maybe you will get the opportunity to pick up a pint of your favorite flavor!

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