6 Facts About Chia Seeds That Will Impress Your Friends

Nadine Watters
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Chia seeds are one of the healthiest and nutrient-rich additions that you can possibly make to your everyday meals. In this article, we introduce some cool facts about chia that are sure to blow your friends’ minds!

1. Chia seeds feed your brain

Omega 3s are vital for the brain functionality and general health. Chia seeds supply you with a generous amount of healthy Omega 3 fats that all people should make sure to get enough of. (1)

2. Chia builds muscle and is a superfood for sporty types

With 17g of protein per 100g consumed, chia seeds make a great protein source. (2) This is ideal for vegetarians looking to build muscle – especially as chia is super easy to add to protein shakes!

3. These “super seeds” are little diabetes fighters!

Chia acts as a regulator of sugar that enters the bloodstream. Scientists believe that this slowing down of carbohydrate intake may alleviate symptoms for diabetics by keeping glucose at safer levels. (3)

4. Chia improves bone and tooth health and may even help combat arthritis

Chia seeds are high in phosphorus, magnesium and calcium which all contribute to optimal bone health and help keep your teeth in tiptop condition. (4) In addition, chia contains boron which is believed to facilitate the intake of the above-mentioned nutrients and has been put forward as a possible treatment for arthritis. (5) All in all, chia is great for your bones!

5. Chia boosts sports performance in athletes training for sessions longer than 90 minutes

In a study by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning, chia was found to provide athletes with a boost for training sessions that last longer than 90 minutes. Athletes that were given 50% calories from chia seeds and 50% Gatorade functioned just as well as those given 100% Gatorade. This indicates that this superfood can be used to improve athletic performance and decrease sugar intake, all while increasing the intake of Omega 3 fats. (6)

6. Chia seeds are rich in soluble fiber which aids digestion and cleans your digestive organs

100g of chia contains a whopping 34g of fiber, making it ideal for aiding digestion. (7) What’s more, a significant proportion of chia’s fiber is soluble, which cleans the body’s digestive organs and can ease diarrhea symptoms. (8)

So we have seen some of the amazing benefits that chia seeds offer. Why not consider turning to chia for an awesome supplement to your diet? Pick up some ORGANIC chia seeds now! Your body will thank you.

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