5 useful tips for green juicing

Nadine Watters
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Green juices are a simple but incredibly effective way to instantly boost your general wellness. In fact, it’s probably the biggest single step you can make towards better health.

Juicing greens provides a myriad of nourishing benefits and helps to prevent and even cure all sorts of diseases. Today, we share some useful tips on how to get the most goodness out of your green juicing routine!

1) Start with a healthy base such as cucumber

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First of all, you need a solid base for your juice. Cucumber makes a great, smooth base for green juices. You can combine cucumber with some fennel which provides sulfur, potassium, zinc and iron among other nutrients. (1) You can then throw in some celery or green apples for an extra boost.

By the way, your base doesn’t have to be ONLY green vegetables. Green vegetables are the nourishers, but other vegetables or fruits such as carrots or oranges can also be used. Even green tea, coconut juice and almond milk make some good alternative bases!

2) Drink green juices on an empty stomach

The nutrients in your green juice will be more rapidly absorbed by the body before eating. Make a habit of drinking your first green juice of the day before breakfast. After a meal, you should wait around 2 hours before having your next green juice.

Of course, this is just the ideal. It’s not mandatory! As long as you are drinking your green juices you will get the wonderful benefits. You will be lightyears ahead of the average American. How many juices should you drink per day? The more the better, but anything between 1-3 16oz juices per day is great!

3) Variety is the spice of life – and the same goes for juicing too!

Mixing things up is more interesting for your taste buds, but that’s not all. By making sure that you get a wide variety of different greens, you will also give your body the range of nutrients that it craves. Kale, spinach, broccoli and other green vegetables all make extremely healthy juice ingredients!

4) Add some ginger for an anti-inflammatory boost!

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Ginger has been known for its medicinal properties for centuries. Recent studies all show that ginger shares pharmacological properties of many anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals, but without all the nasty side effects. (2) Adding some ginger is a great way to decrease inflammation as well as giving a nice tang to your green juice.

5. Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary wastage

Make a juicing schedule so you can plan your grocery shopping ahead of time. We’re not saying that you need to schedule a time slot for every juice of the day, but a little organization goes a long way. This also ensures that you know what you have in at any given time so you won’t be caught out with important ingredients missing!

Apply the above tips and you should be well on your way to making some delicious and nutritious juices!

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