40 Kinds of Fruit on 1 Single Tree

Jennifer Bliss
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Upon first glance this just maybe the most gorgeous tree I have seen in a very long time.  But it’s more than just a pretty tree.  This ONE tree has 40 different kinds of fruit on it!  All 40 kinds of fruit on this tree are different kinds of stone fruit, too!  Many of the 40 are Heirloom varieties.  He started this project when he heard about an Orchard in Upstate New York that was closing due to lack of funding.

About: This video was found on the GeoBeats News YouTube Channel.  The person behind this tree project is Sam Van Aken.  He has a website called Treeof40Fruit.com where you can see the photos from start to finish of the process as well as his nursery of other planting projects – some have gone to museums, public centers, and to various private collectors.

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