1st U.S. School To Go Vegan

Jennifer Bliss
1st U.S. School To Go Vegan
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What if there was a school that encouraged caring, reflecting, believing, achieving, doing, and playing all while LEARNING?  A place where children not only have teachers but mentors.  And children have a choice AND a voice in their education.  There is now a school in California that does all this and more.  It’s called The Muse School.  Learning is alive.  Interconnections are critical.  Sustainability is key.  The Muse School embraces change and is ever-evolving.  Sounds like a Utopia, doesn’t it?  Well, for this school – it’s REALITY!

The Muse School is the first school in the country to go vegan.

Not only that but students and teachers are actually growing their own fruits, veggies, and herbs to  create their own meals. (1)  The Muse School is made up of Elementary, Middle, and High School Students and was founded by the wife and sister-in-law of filmmaker James Cameron.  Currently the school serves 1 vegan meal each and every week and by 2015 they are planning to fully convert all school meals to vegan.  They’ve said this isn’t to push veganism on kids – but to reduce their carbon footprint, (2) teach children to be environmental leaders, and help spread the love of animals.  Their meals are not only well-rounded but some say gourmet.  The school’s “Edible Schoolyard Project” and “Seed-to-Table” style of learning gives children the opportunity to make good choices about food, their health, and the environment.  On the school campus you will find greenhouses, gardens, and a teaching kitchen.

This summer they will be increasing their growing space so that they will have over 100 gardens on school grounds.

The Muse School has been environmentally conscience since the beginning – in their building, design, materials, and practices.  They will be celebrating their 10 year Anniversary in 2015.  They even state on their site ” Sustainability – Green in Principle – Through Practice – and By Design.” (3)

The Muse School seems truly amazing and one to really push the envelope.  I, for one, can’t want to see what this school does next!

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