A 16-year old boy was cured from cancer by using Essiac tea… He is now alive, well, and a natural health advocate.

Heather Suhr
A 16-year old boy was cured from cancer by using Essiac tea… He is now alive, well, and a natural health advocate.
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Back in 1994 there was a young boy who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. This boy, Billy Best, received this news on the same day that his beloved aunt died from breast cancer at the age of 49.

Billy didn’t believe the doctors. “The doctors told Billy the same thing they’d told my sister-in-law: that chemotherapy would cure his cancer,” says his mother. The doctors told Billy when he refused chemotherapy, “You have to have it, or you’ll die.” (1)

This is a brief summary of Billy’s story.

Billy ran away and planned to take a bus all the way to California where his family lived for a while, but he somehow ended up in Houston hanging out with other skateboarders. He had no idea the nation would be hunting for him. His parents had contacted several national news regarding his health and concern of his whereabouts. (2)

When Billy was found, he would return home under one condition: no chemotherapy. He desired to seek out alternative options. Because of his nationwide exposure, he gained popularity with “Good Morning America” and many other national media. This was just the beginning for him.

At 20-somthing years later, Billy is cancer free!

At the time of this writing, Billy was 34 years old and is very healthy. He is cancer-free, working back at home in a local health food store, consulting parents of children who are pushed in to chemo and participating in medical school seminars on patient choice. (3)

Billy chose Gaston Naessens’ 714-X and Essiac tea for his treatments as well as making a significant change in his diet. He was able to administer injections in Quebec, Canada but soon ran into problems because it was banned in some parts of Canada and is completely banned in the United States. Billy taught himself to inject them properly and discovered where he could purchase it. He still performs occasional maintenance injections. (4)

As long as it’s not promoted as a cure, Essiac tea is inexpensive and widely available.

The secret is to find the highest quality herbs to make your own tea. Dr. Gary Glum, D.C first discovered this tea blend through the adoption and promotion by a Canadian nurse, Renee Caisse, whom discovered it over 100 years ago. (5)(6)

The tea contains the original four-herb recipe containing burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, and turkey rhubarb. This tea blend was first known for cancer benefits, but provides additional usefulness for detoxification, antioxidant property, and immune system strengthening for promoting brain health, decreasing age related eye disease, cardiovascular disease, and general health maintenance. (6)

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