14-Year Old Gardens & Feeds Thousands…! Awesome :)

Jamie Spector
14-Year Old Gardens & Feeds Thousands…! Awesome :)
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Katie, a 14-year old student, was assigned the task of planting and caring for a cabbage seedling.  Katie took such amazing care of the seed that she ended up with a 40lb cabbage.  She took this cabbage to a local soup kitchen where it helped to feed 275 people.  This inspired Katie to continue gardening and to continue her journey in helping to feed the hungry.

Katie’s passion to help feed the hungry has soared to new heights.  She started Katie’s Krops, which is making a huge splash across the country.  Katie’s Krops is made up of many student run gardens throughout the country that are helping Katie to realize her dream of no person being hungry. (1)

Although Katie knows that she cannot end hunger on her own, she is fulfilled knowing that she is making a difference.  Through her organization, she has donated thousands of pounds of produce to those that are hungry.  Her next goal is to have 500 gardens throughout all 50 states.

Katie is pretty amazing and a huge inspiration to us all!

About:  This video was originally seen on NationSwell YouTube channelNationSwell is an amazing organization that focuses on bringing attention to new innovators, pioneers, and builders who are doing the most creative and impactful things to move America forward. They identify, share, and support these amazing organizations.

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