100% Raw Croton Lechleri Sap is a cosmetic necessity!

Lynn Griffith
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Dragon’s blood is resin that is wild crafted and comes from the Croton Lechleri trees found in the Amazon Rainforest.  The leaves of this tree are heart shaped and it’s sap is bleeding red.  The flowers at the top of the branches resemble a dragon’s head.  This not only describes the name but more so the tree’s fierce ability to provide healing.

Using Raw Croton Lechleri Sap has numerous cosmetic benefits

In a recent article on The Raw Food World News, the external and internal benefits of this healing sap were shared.  Better than that, The Raw Food World Store is now providing an outlet to purchase 100% Raw Croton Lechleri Sap!  Croton Lechleri Sap in it’s raw form provides numerous cosmetic benefits!  (1)

The sap is rich in taspine known for tissue and skin regeneration.  The same properties that help quickly stop bleeding and seal wounds can also help produce healthy skin.  The high amounts of proanthocyanidins make Dragon’s Blood the most powerful antioxidant on the planet! (2)

Dragon’s Blood is used in the celebrity world as a replacement for Restylane injections!

Never heard of Dragon’s Blood?  This is becoming a popular addition to many cosmetic lines.  Many Peter Roth products report using a “Dragon’s Blood Complex” but they only contain five percent concentration of Dragon’s Blood.   Dragon’s Blood is also presented in the ingredients of Dermaxine Bio-cellular Skin Care.  With such low concentrations, the impacts of these products are a bit exaggerated.  Using 100% Raw Dragon’s Blood will bring greater rewards.  Dragon’s Blood contains 8 different flavonoids or pigments that have been shown to have strong antioxidant properties against peroxyl and hydroxyl radicals, this means cellular oxidative stress.  Only Dragon’s Blood at high concentrations has shown to have this effect! (5)

Applying Dragon’s Blood is shown to reduce sagging skin and boost elasticity!  If you’re wondering if anyone famous uses this, Lady Gaga reports using Dragon’s Blood Gel to help prepare for the Golden Globes.  Before Dragon’s Blood, many people have relied on fillers or Restylane to be injected into the skin that causes the cheeks to look inflated and can have adverse effects that cause the eyes to close or appear small.  Rodial spokesman reports using the Dragon’s Blood serum to help women and celebrities to regain a youthful look.  Dragon’s Blood stimulates collagen production and creates smooth, plump skin.  In one study, 92 percent of volunteers saw an increase in skin elasticity over a three month trial period.  Of that 92 percent, 72 percent also noticed a reduction of skin sagging! (7)

Chilean Woman heals cancerous skin lesions on hands and face!

The story of a Chilean woman found here reports that this woman had pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions on her face and index finger.  She applied Dragon’s Blood externally and in two weeks the lesions on her fingers and face were healed!  This same source reports that the writer’s dentist was amazed at the results of using Dragon’s Blood.  The writer’s teeth became severely infected and showed signs of bone loss.  After three weeks of rinsing with Dragon’s Blood, warm spring water, Himalayan salt, and Camu Vitamin C, the dentist was left standing amazed!   Dragon’s Blood will even minimize scarring, lighten sun spots and shrink and lighten dark moles or skin tags!   (2)

Dragon’s Blood heals acne, acne scars, eczema and psoriasis!

If you suffer from acne or acne scaring, Dragon’s Blood is shown to stimulate skin fibroblasts, that help heal the skin of acne and acne related scars. (8) Ex-USDA economic botanist, Dr. James Duke reports, “Dragon’s blood was shown to speed healing four times faster”.  Using Dragon’s Blood resin is the best skin healing agent on the market and is also the most effective at healing acne.  Combining good nutrition, exercise, and Dragon’s Blood is reported to be a formula that brings great relief to those who suffer from acne. (10)

It is reported that when using Dragon’s Blood to treat skin disorders that the Dragon’s blood takes the shape of a “second skin.”  The Dragon’s Blood becomes a protective shield and stops inflammation and infection. (4,8)

If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, suffer no more!  This source recommends mixing a high quality Dragon’s Blood with coconut oil or pinon salve in order to apply it to the skin.  The same source reports to get benefits that the color should be dark red when first applied but lighten when rubbed into the skin as shown in pictures in The Raw Food World News Article!  (1,2)

study completed in Belgium reports that Raw Dragon’s blood resin is four times more effective than isolated chemicals in forming collagen and healing skin tissue.  Dragon’s Blood in it’s raw form has the potential to heal even chemical burns! (3)

Raw Dragon’s Blood has a strong earthy scent and can be used to make Goat Milk Soap that can help heal the skin with each wash! (6)

If you’ve paid lots of money for acrylic nails and suffer from poor quality nail beds as a result or struggle with fungus in your nail beds, both internal consumption and external application to nailbeds, can kill fungus and strengthen nails. (2)

Buying 100% Raw Dragon’s Blood that is sustainably harvested supports the environment, consumer and workers!

This source explains the process of harvesting of Dragon’s Blood.  When purchasing Dragon’s Blood, buy from a source that supports sustainable harvesting.  Purchasing sap in it’s raw form allows for users to get sufficient amounts to fully benefit from this medicinal elixir.  By supporting the people who work hard to tap the trees in the Amazon, the full system benefits.  Dragon’s Blood Sap is a remarkable healing agent that will benefit the skin better than any synthetic ingredient on the market and will allow you to have a more enhanced beauty to be proud of! (9)

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